You can read a bit more about my invitations and flowers on their respective pages, but here's just a little bit about me personally. 

I am a wife & a mom, a daughter, sister, friend, teacher, encourager, reader, learner, maker, grower, dreamer, & inspirer.  

I love antiques & mid century design, I live in a log house in rural Pennsylvania (after 17 years in Baltimore - where I still frequently work). I used to be a photographer (and sometimes still am if I have a hand free enough to hold a camera). I went to art school. I read as much as I possibly can (about all kinds of things, most recently God and parenting and kindness and soil along with a bit of juvenile fiction in the mix). I practice calligraphy, I stay home with my kids, I dream of owning an old school international scout jeep, I love birding, I drink coffee and brew kombucha and make apple butter and jam like a little old lady. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to grow flowers and design, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to stuff envelopes and drop them in the mail. 

I love a challenge, I love to make your event and designs unique. I work hard. My work is personal, this little business is really just me, with the occasional freelance workers (most often my mother, husband, or friends) and I will give you everything that I have got. I take a handful of clients each year, and I never book more than 1 wedding or event a day. If you hire me, I will be at your wedding, handing you your bouquet.  I LOVE flowers, I LOVE paper, and I am beyond grateful that I am able to do this work for clients and customers like you.  

So that is it for the moment on me, now I want to hear about you!